Old News Design spreads joy, laughter, and positivity to every corner of the world — because life is better when we share what makes us smile! Through sustainable materials, unique processes, and authentic handmade gifts, I design original creations inspired by meaningful connections.

Hi there! I’m Pati Reis, founder of Old News Design. Settle in as I tell you my story… 

Design, to me, is more than just what looks good. Design is a lifestyle, a way of seeing the world through color, culture, and creativity. It’s how I give texture to my past and how I define my future. Making a living out of the thing I love most is an honor – but being able to give people the gift of a smile, a laugh, or a hug through meaningful gifts? Well, that means the world to me.

My story starts in Brazil, my colorful and vibrant native country, and the place where I got my very first taste of design. At age 13, I entered and won an art contest at my school, one that traveled the globe with a message of peace, and an experience that showed me artistic expression is really cultural translation. From then on, I knew that art and design are the threads that bind across age, origin, and culture.

A few years later, I applied to some Brazil’s most rigorous universities, intent on becoming something serious, like a doctor or lawyer. Fate stepped in, however, when the courses I had planned to take were unavailable that year. By following my curiosity in the field of Graphic Design, a field I knew very little about, I took a leap of faith and pursued design as a career.

I threw myself into working with my hands, designing digitally, and learning how to make a living from design, all of which made me feel like that happy little accident during the admissions process led me right to where I was meant to be.

Later, I received a prestigious internship at one of Brazil’s most notable advertising agencies, which later hired me as a full time designer before I had even graduated from university. While I won several national awards, worked on juicy projects, and enjoyed my career, I knew I wanted to work with my hands to communicate the messages I felt people around the world needed to hear.

I left Brazil in 2008 to attend North Carolina State University to receive my Master of Art and Design, focusing on textiles and surfaces. There, I upgraded my graphic design work to something more tangible and conceptual, merging artistic expression with my design sensibility. My graduate education gave me the tools to experiment with embroidery, screen printing, and entrepreneurship, while my “real world” education during a monthlong trip to Ghana opened my eyes to West African techniques, symbols, and materials.

Today, I run Old News Design full time and work out of my studio space here at Artspace. Located in downtown Raleigh, Artspace is where I can experiment with new ideas, work in the natural light that streams through my windows, and enjoy the company of fellow artists.

My goal everyday is to create designs that give you something to smile about, to remind you that you’re amazing, and to encourage you to get sh*t done!

My door is always open if you’d like to come visit me in my studio. You can also send me a note at to introduce yourself and share your own story. I’d love to hear from you!

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