Sustainability is storytelling through nature.

The materials that make up my artwork have lived many lives. From the newspapers that were once delivered on doorsteps in China to threads that once grew in the cotton fields of Israel, every design I create is sustainably sourced and lovingly shared in an effort to connect art with nature.

Growing up in Brazil, I watched as forests fell at the hands of those intent on bulldozing their own path to profit. When I was younger, I learned about the harvesting methods of the hearts of palm – or palmito – that has long been a staple in Brazilian cuisine and a symbol of gourmet cooking across the nation. The “heart” of the palm tree, or the bud, must be destroyed in each tree, and once it is removed, it is impossible for the tree to continue to grow. Hundreds and thousands of hearts of palm are harvested from young trees each year, stunting their opportunity for long term growth and survival.

This story stirred something in me, something that recognized my role as an artist to protect and nourish the Earth. For this reason, Old News Design uses sustainable materials for each of its products, including recycled paper, organic threads, and all-natural interfacing. I also have many live plants in my studio, a reminder that the Earth has provided me with the materials necessary to creating beauty that others can enjoy in their own homes.

When you purchase a product from Old News Design, you’re supporting not only cultural connections, but also sustainable methods of creativity.